About Us

Ramaley Group, LLC was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to helping auditors and risk managers provide increased risk coverage with fewer resources.

Auditing is fundamentally accomplished using the same tools and methods that helped Noah confirm the animals on the Ark! Today’s auditors face new risks and increased pressure (internally and externally) to provide better coverage, faster.

Ramaley Group provides innovative, comprehensive training and coaching services to enable auditors to use appropriate tools to quantitatively assess and test both traditional and emerging risks. Tools and techniques are appropriated from diverse disciplines, including Lean, Six Sigma, and Game Theory, and are tailored for effective use during audit and risk assurance activities.

Ken Ramaley, Managing Director and founder, is a risk management professional with 15 years of experience in Risk Management and advanced analytics. Ken holds the CIA and CRMA certifications and has worked extensively in the application of analytical methods related to audit functions. He holds a patent for an advanced audit sampling methodology and has launched a highly effective automated audit testing practice in the financial services industry, which has been heralded as best-in-class.

Ken has consistently challenged traditional risk management roles, including conceiving and implementing an innovative Customer Experience Audit function at Bank of America. He has worked to expand audit capabilities across industries in order to provide enhanced assurance with streamlined resource models.

Ken has an extensive background in Six Sigma process improvement methodologies, serving as a Master Black Belt at General Electric, Prudential, and Bank of America.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Brown University, Ken earned an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance and General Management.