Audit Findings Are Not Consistently Addressed With Urgency


At the beginning of each year, Management establishes its broad set of priorities and goals for the year. Addressing audit issues swiftly is almost never one of them. But the timely resolution of audit findings can be a key linchpin in driving company success. How can audit partner effectively with management to ensure that these findings make the list?


Have you ever had a high severity audit finding that results in a lethargic management action plan? Every audit department faces challenges in conveying the significance of their findings to management and increasing management’s risk awareness. Audit departments have a great opportunity to drive action through issue identification, but all too often, executives view audit issues as “nitpicking middle management.” Ramaley Group offers best practices in issue assessment and communication to drive management engagement. Contact us to discuss ways to improve the quality of your findings and to create management urgency around the most significant ones.