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Ken Ramaley


Ken Ramaley, Managing Director and founder of Ramaley Group, is a risk management professional with 15 years of experience in Risk Management and advanced analytics. Ken holds the CIA and CRMA certifications and has worked extensively in the application of analytical methods related to audit functions. He holds a patent for an advanced audit sampling methodology and has launched a highly effective automated audit testing practice in the financial services industry, which has been heralded as best-in-class.

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Why the Blue Shoes?

If you’ve seen Ken Ramaley speak, you’ve probably noticed his blue shoes. These shoes have been Ken’s calling card since 2013. One of Ramaley Group’s key principles is that every audit should be accomplished efficiently and by using the right tool for the job. While leather Oxfords may be the more traditional tool for delivering business presentations, they are clearly inferior from a comfort perspective. The right choice isn’t always the traditional one. If you’re ready for audit innovation, contact Ramaley Group and we will help you find the right tools for your audit jobs (starting from the ground up)!